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Changes to Fees Charged in Local Currencies

From 1 August 2016 the foreign currency visa application fees charged by Immigration New Zealand will change. Some Immigration New Zealand fees charged in other currencies are changing. This is to reflect the value of the New Zealand dollar. No changes will be made to fees paid in New Zealand dollars. Immigration New Zealand is committed to ensuring we are able to provide a first class service to our customers.

Why Everyone Wants to Move to New Zealand

Everyone seems to want to move to New Zealand, or is at least looking into the possibility. Earlier this week US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg told the New York Times if Donald Trump became President she would move to New Zealand. Ginsburg's not the first from the US, notably Billy Crystal has also mentioned his interest in the move if Trump is victorious. And it doesn't end there, fears of a future President Trump led to a spike in interest with Americans googling "move to New Zealand" this month.Colorado and Washington were the two states most actively looking into the move. In the United Kingdom, it's Brexit and not Trump that's leading people to New Zealand. On June 24 the UK's own

Get Legal Advice on Family and Relationship Law Issues

New Zealand is facing severe social problems. The social fabric seems to be deteriorating. It’s been daily news where people are confronted by reports of violent crime, teen suicide, drug abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse, teen suicide. Due to individual factors, breakdown of a relationship or a family is growing. Breakdown of a family is a major problem plaguing our society. In case of any such problem, Legal Associates is there for you. Clear and simple advice is our motto. We understand the essence of breakdown, our experts support and guidance will help you start a brighter future again. With Legal Associates New Zealand, we ensure speedy justice to our clients and we ensure that in the

Plan Your Will with Legal Associates for Your Greatness Will Live After You

Everybody knows the fact that Life is uncertain, but none of us likes to think about death and the consequences of our loved ones after our death. Estate Planning is a sense of gratefulness and generosity. Proper and careful planning about the allotment of your assets according to your wish after your death is supposed to undertaken as soon as possible. Any adult can make a will, regardless of the level of wealth one possesses. We at Legal Associates offer our clients with legal advice related in context with the laws pertaining in will and estate plans. There is so much to think on: how to protect my home and assets?, how to allot my properties among family and children?, Who will look afte

Law Firms Expect Easing Pressure on Prices

The demand of clients for alternative billing arrangements and lower costs has topped many surveys in recent years but could the trend be easing? A survey by the law firms group at Citi Private Bank suggests it is. The poll of senior partners, chief financial officers and chief operating officers at more than 150 US law firms found that there is a feeling that pressure on pricing is reaching a plateau while more respondents expected an increase in billable hours compared to those expecting a decrease. Other findings include an increase in hiring and in demand for legal services. Further strength for pro bono team at international law firm Following the appointment of prominent pro bono lawye

Auckland Lawyer Struck Off

An Auckland trust lawyer has been struck off the roll after pocketing $10,000 from a family trust. Mary Hackshaw, who has been practising for nearly 30 years, was struck off on Friday after being found guilty of misconduct in relation to how she managed the trust for the children of a deceased man. The New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal said that Hackshaw made interest payments to a son of the deceased for six years, but then took the $10,000 through a series of withdrawals before closing the trust account when she sold her practice. “The funds ultimately were being divided equally between the children of the beneficiary,” said New Zealand Law Society National Prosecu

Alastair McClymont: Beware Ignorant Debate on Motivated Migrants

Just who are the migrants supposedly stealing our houses and jobs? There have been plenty of knee-jerk reactions recently about the appropriate number of migrants that New Zealand can absorb each year. There has also been evidence of much ignorance on the subject. In the 12 months to April, New Zealand received 68,000 net migrants (long-term arrivals minus long-term departures). New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has suggested the number be reduced to a maximum of 15,000 a year and as few as 7000. Economist Michael Reddell has stated that cutting migration to 10,000 a year would lead to a reduction in house prices. But the debate about migrant numbers is more complicated than Mr Peters


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