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Minister, Hon. Phil Twyford, visits Legal Associates office

The Minister for Housing and Urban Development and Transport, Hon. Phil Twyford, visited our office recently. He was welcomed by Raj, Ashima and the Legal Associates team. He met the entire team and understood what we do and appreciated our efforts into the community. We had a robust discussion with him on some of the housing and transport issues our community is facing and some possible solutions for them. We would like to thank the minister for taking time off his busy schedule, to be with us. Article By Legal Associates

Is Your Partnership Genuine and Stable?

If you are intending to lodge the temporary visa application of your “partner” whether visitor, student or work visa under the current Immigration Instruction the one thing that you must be sure of before you lodge any application, whether by paper or online application is that your partnership is ‘genuine and stable’. Many application are being decline for the inability of the applicant and the supporting partners to satisfy that the partnership is ‘genuine and stable’. This is usually where the Immigration Officer looks into in the processing and assessment of this type of visa application. One’s partnership status for purposes of the term “partnership” could either be married/in civil uni

Celebration of Chinese New Year

It is the Year of the Pig, and we at Legal Associates welcomed the Chinese New Year in the traditional style. Legal Associates was invited by New Zealand Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles Incorporated & New Zealand Friendship for Peace Association for the Chinese Spring Festival Gala hosting at Formosa Golf Resort. Raj Pardeep Singh(Principal), Clare Chen, Neomal Perera and Joseph Chen attended the event. We wish all our Chinese clients a Happy Lunar New Year.

Employment problems? Know your rights

If your employer hasn’t paid you your wages or has paid you less than the agreed minimum wages or less than the amount stated in your employment agreement, you can apply to the Employment Relations Authority for it to order your employer to pay the money owed to you. You must apply no later than six years after the date when the wages should have been paid. If you have been paid less than the minimum wage, you can also ask the Employment Relations Authority to order the employer to pay some or all of the penalty to you. Employment Relations Act 2000 ss131, 142, Minimum Wage Act 1983, ss10 and 11 If an employment problem arises between you and your employer, you should firstly talk to your

Discharge without conviction

Here is a snippet of information that may be of use to some. Under Section 106 of the Sentencing Act 2002, if a person who is charged with an offence is found guilty, the court may discharge the offender without conviction. This will make your criminal record clean. Discharge without conviction is granted by the Court once the Court is satisfied that the direct and indirect consequences of a conviction would be out of all proportion to the gravity of the offence. Our Office has experience criminal lawyers who can assist and direct you with your application and the process. If you are on a temporary visa, conviction on your record may decline your application by Immigration. If you are New Ze


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