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Legal Tourism

Legal Associates has started a new era in law called Legal Tourism for NRI’s. A ‘one stop’ solution center catering to all requirements of the NRI community including legal advisory services and litigation services and more. The firm’s lawyers assist and advice in the drafting, vetting and review of various documentation services and represent the clients before various courts, forums and tribunals in India. Legal Associates can provide below services to our clients: Legal issues pertaining to property and assets management Drafting of lease deeds, sub-lease agreements, leave and license deeds, maintenance agreement, commercial leases of property, no objection certificate, partition deeds,

Dissolution of Marriage in New Zealand

Divorce according to the Black Law Dictionary is “The legal separation of man and wife, effected for cause by the judgment of a court, and either totally dissolving the marriage relation, or suspending its effect so far as concerns the cohabitation of the parties.” It must be noted that the above definition is the “traditional definition” of divorce but does not reflect the modern trend about divorce with regards to “same-sex marriage”. The legal term for divorce in New Zealand is “dissolving a marriage or civil union”. It is only the Family Court that can end a marriage by issuing or making a Dissolution Order. There are two basic legal requirements before on could lodge an application for

A work Permit holder can buy a property in New Zealand

You are an overseas person if you are neither a New Zealand citizen, nor ordinarily resident in New Zealand. A company or trust can also be an overseas person. Note that different rules apply to depend on the type of overseas person. For legal or other expert advice, you should seek assistance from a professional adviser. New Zealand’s overseas investment legislation affects transactions that include sensitive New Zealand assets, including sensitive land. In 2018 residential and lifestyle land was brought under the definition of sensitive land. As a result, most New Zealand land is now sensitive. If you are an overseas person planning an investment, seek assistance from your lawyer as early

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH: Yasuyo Horiuchi | March 2019

At Legal Associates we believe an employee of the month is an individual that not only brings great results and success stories, but also someone who reaches their own personal achievements in their careers. This month’s employee of the month is Yasuyo Horiuchi, who is our Secretary. Areas of Specialization at Legal Associates: Secretary Work Experience: NZ & overseas as well: Healthcare assistant (NZ) - Office administrator (Japan) Qualifications: - Registered Social worker (Japan) - Certified Clinical phycologist(Japan) - Diploma in Healthcare studies (Level5) (NZ) Contact Details: Office Phone: 09 279 9439 Email :

Employing Immigrants to fill vacancies will become harder

The Minister of Immigration has suggested that all New Zealand companies that employ temporary migrant workers will require an employer accreditation. This is up for proposal and all submissions should be submitted by 18th of March 2019. You can participate by completing online survey form by clicking here This proposed change would create another complication to employ temporary migrant workers. Employer will need to become accredited in order for temporary migrant workers’ visa to be approved. If employer has not been accredited, they cannot support visa application. Smaller companies will have problem to get employer accreditation and to pay extra cost to get accreditation certificate. Me

Ready for Approval Applications

Essential Skills Category is one of the most important categories for obtaining work visas to stay and work legally in New Zealand. The salient feature of this category is that the applicant is granted visa only if there are no New Zealand Citizens or Residents available to take on the role. This process is called Labour Market Test. This category is divided into three classes namely lower-skilled, middle-skilled and high-skilled. The lower skilled category consists of positions which fall under level 4 and below of ANZSCO codes and for which salary is below $21.25 per hour irrespective of the position. The currency of this visa is 1-year. Next category is middle-skilled which consists of po


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