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English Language / IELTS/ PTE Coaching

We have started English classes now. These classes are being held twice a week at our Papatoetoe office in Auckland. Why we started English language/IELTS/PTE classes? We started the IELTS and English classes to empower students wishing to study in NZ for level 6 and above courses; applicants keen on applying for residence under Skilled Migrant category and parents who need to have basic English language skills to manage daily life in New Zealand. Who requires IELTS or PTE? English language skills are required as it is a global means of communication and widely spoken and written in all countries of the world. All countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA require

The previous homeowner still be eligible for a KiwiSaver Home Start grant and a first-home KiwiSaver

It is important to note that for the first-home withdrawal you will still need to complete and submit an application directly with your KiwiSaver scheme provider. However, if you have owned property in the past you will initially need to complete a KiwiSaver savings withdrawal determination form with Housing New Zealand. Housing New Zealand needs to assess whether you are deemed to be in the same financial position as a first home buyer before you are able to apply to withdraw your funds. For those applying for the KiwiSaver HomeStart grant as a previous homeowner, other than meeting the standard eligibility criteria, again Housing New Zealand needs to carry out an assessment of your financi

Legal Associates and ANZ Bank organised a seminar for First Home Buyer

On 6th March 2019, Legal Associates and ANZ Bank organised a seminar for First Home Buyer. Legal Associates was represented by the Partner, Ashima Singh, together with Solicitor Geetha Arunthayaparanv. The event was held at ANZ New Lynn, where more than 40 first home buyers attended. Precautions for first home buyers The seminar gave members of the public who were also first home buyers to understand the legal aspect of buying their first home, alongside the real estate side and finance. Which inevitably created and welcomed a space for existing clients & potential clients to broaden their knowledge and feel less scared about making that real big step in their lives to purchase their first

Employment Law: Trial Period

Now, the trial period clause has been emended, currently any employer can employ a new employee on a trial period for up to the first 90 calendar days of their employment. Now from 06 May 2019, only an employer with 19 or fewer employees (at the beginning of the day on which the employment agreement is entered into) may employ a new employee on a trial period for the first 90 calendar days of their employment. Recently, the Employment Court, Christchurch branch, has discussed in detail about section 67A: 90-day trial provision, in the case Talbot Agriculture Limited. Employees on valid trial periods: The employees have all minimum employment rights and responsibilities (eg in relation to he

Section 106 Discharge without Conviction Application and keeping your record clean

You may be able to apply for a discharge without conviction under section 106 of the Sentencing Act 2002. What is a discharge without conviction? This is the equivalent to being found not guilty or obtaining an acquittal for an offence. When is the application made? An application for a discharge without conviction can be made after a person has pleaded guilty or a trial has occurred, and the person has been found guilty. The application is considered during sentencing and can prevent a person having a criminal record. Why would I want this? A discharge without conviction allows a person to have a second chance, if granted the person would not have a particular criminal conviction on thei


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