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Bhav Dhillon, Honorary Consul of India, Auckland visits office of Legal Associates

Bhav Dhillon visited Legal Associates office on 12 June 2019 and was welcomed by Raj & Ashima Singh. We have discussed about his role and responsibilities such as issuing Life Certificate for pension purposes, attestation of documents like educational certificates, salary/employment certificate, birth, marriage or death certificates issued by authorities in New Zealand, Birth, Death, Marriage and Educational Certificates etc. issued by the Indian authorities in India can also be attested by his office. We have discussed about the complications on India judicial system and New Zealand legal system. NRI’s property in India and selling or leasing process. Indian national’s marriage and other fa

Subdividing Your Land

With a shortage of housing and high land prices everywhere, subdivision continues to be an excellent investment, particularly if your property has been up-zoned. Whether you are looking to subdivide your back yard or looking to purchase an investment property to split into ten lots: the process for subdivision is same. Subdividing your property is the process dividing your land and creating individual titles for land parcels, units, apartments, shops and commercial and industrial buildings and establishing of separate legal titles for each of the new sections, to enable them to be sold or split into separate ownership. There are various reasons why you might want to subdivide your property.

Immigration NZ Possible Upcoming Changes

There is currently a lot of anticipation regarding Parent policy and work visa changes. Legal Associates has had the opportunity to speak with Government Ministers and Senior Immigration authorities and are able to provide an update on both the parent policy and work visa changes. Parent policy The parent policy has been put on hold since October 2016 and it’s been nearly 3 years since the parent policy residence applications have been put on hold. Understandably lot of migrant families are eagerly waiting for the parent’s policy to open and for parents to get PR in NZ. Last year it was indicated by the ruling party that the Parent policy would be open again in July 2019. However, Immigra

Sikh Pilgrims to Nankana Sahib – Pakistan

Legal Associates is for the first-time offering visa assistance for Sikh pilgrims travelling to Gurudwaras in Pakistan to celebrate the 550th anniversary Guru Nanak’s birthday also known as Gurpurab. One of the most cherished festivals of Sikhs, Guru Nanak Gurpurab, marking the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak. Since an early age, Guru Nanak was religious and spent time reciting God’s name. Guru Nanak had a Noor, radiant glow on his face which made him stand out in the crowd. Guru Nanak became an advocate of God’s teachings, impressing upon the fact that there is no Hindu or Sikh or Muslim, that we all are the children of God and should recite his name during duress or eustress. His hymns wer

Michael Wood (MP for Mt Roskill) has been appointed as chief whip for Parliament

Many Congratulation to Michael for appointing as chief whip for parliament. He is a Labour MP for Mt Roskill. He is delegated to work with ethnic communities on community safety. His main responsibilities are housing, affordability, crime in relation to unsolved burglaries. He is closely connected to diverse ethnic communities and he is driven by his core belief that people do well when living in strong, fair and supportive communities. Michael has visited Legal Associates office on 12 June2019 and meet with the staff solicitors. He is welcomed by Raj & Ashima Singh. Legal associates staff solicitors have a very good and detailed discussion with Michael on housing, Immigration essential skil

Special Commemoration Award for exceptional services to Communities won by Ashima Singh

Many Congratulations to Ashima Singh, our popular solicitor partner, have won 6th Indian Newslink Sports Community, Arts and Culture 2019 Special Commemoration Award for exceptional services to Communities. We believe that the efforts of Ashima in leading and managing a diverse team are laudable along with her service in improving access of legal advice to the different ethnic communities within South Auckland. Also, as shown Ashima is committed to the empowerment of young women and has proven that it is possible to be a successful entrepreneur in South Auckland as a young woman, young mother and an immigrant. We believe that she is an industry leader in creating an inclusive, diverse worksp

Voting is Open ! for the Westpac Auckland Business Awards - South & East Region

People’s Choice for the Westpac Auckland Business Awards - SOUTH & EAST REGION is now open. This is an opportunity for all businesses that have entered the Westpac Auckland Business Awards in 2019 to be acknowledged by those that matter most to them.Legal Associates have entered into the People's Choice Award. SOUTH & EAST VOTING Please help us in this endeavour and vote for us via this link: CLICK HERE TO VOTE Voting closes at 5.00pm 1 August 2019


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