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Pink Ribbon Breakfast, Afternoon Tea hosted by Ashima Singh

On 5th of July Ashima Singh, brought together professional ladies from different walk of life in Auckland to raise awareness for one of the most important cause, Breast Cancer. Ashima is a Partner at Legal Associates, a law firm based in South Auckland. She is also a winner of ‘Best Businesswoman of the Year 2016’. She decided to address breast cancer issue because it has been an ongoing issue for women all around in world. Especially, here in New Zealand it is the third most common cancer. During Covid-19 Ashima realized that professional ladies, who are working independently and work towards running their own business don’t tend to prioritize their health first. Being a mother of 2 kids an

Work Visa Recent Changes

Essential Skills work visas Remuneration and median wage The test to assess skill level for work visa, determined according to ANZSCO has been replaced with remuneration threshold, calculated by Statistics NZ. Although, the way INZ calculates pay rate will not change. They will continue to calculate remuneration using an hourly rate. For example; the payment per hour is calculated by dividing the annual salary by 52 weeks, followed by the number of hours to be worked each week. Remuneration will be used to determine the following for an Essential Skills work visa application: Whether an employer needs to engage with The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) in order to meet the labour market

Changes for temporary work visa holders- July 2020

These changes were implemented to recognise the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and temporary work visa holders in New Zealand. The changes will allow employers to maintain their existing workforce for an extended period and at the same time ensured that opportunities for New Zealanders are not impacted. There are 3 major changes. 1. All existing employer-assisted temporary work visas for people who are in New Zealand and whose visas are due to expire before the end of 2020 will be extended by six months. This change will include work visa holders whose visas are due to expire after 9 July and the visas that were previously extended to 25 September under the Epidemic Management Notice. 2. T

Legal Associates's Involvement in the Immigration Law Conference June 2020

On Wednesday, 24 June 2020, Legal Associates Principal Mr Raj Singh, served as one of the “Session Chairs” of the Immigration Law Conference addressing the topic of “Critical Visa changes and challenges”. The event was particularly insightful as it involved seven highly experienced lawyers and immigration advisors from across New Zealand providing details around key areas of New Zealand Immigration Law and recent policy updates in these respective areas. Concerns around the potential impact of COVID-19 on immigration policy and regulations were also touched upon in this conference, as it is a pressing issue affecting migrants in the current year. The First speaker, Lauren Qui from the Tauran


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