Often times people have legal issues arise but they are not sure what to do about it. The Legal Clinic gives them an opportunity to see a Lawyer free of charge and get some direction about what they could do.


Every Saturday, Legal Associates conducts a two-hour Legal Clinic. This clinic is free and it gives people an opportunity to come in and discuss their legal issues with a Lawyer and obtain initial advice on what options they have available to them to have their issues addressed.


You will get 15 minutes to discuss your matters with a Lawyer. Once the Lawyers have heard your concerns, they will give you direction on what you could do next and who you could see next to address your concerns.


Please note that by attending a Legal Clinic with us, we do not become your Lawyers. In order to act for you as your Lawyer, you would need to engage with Legal Associates services. In case you need to do that, you will be guided on how that can be done at the Legal Clinic.


Please note, no appointment is required for Legal Clinic.

You can walk in, however we do have first-come-first-serve facility on that day. 


Tailoring strategic legal solutions to help you make the move to New Zealand.

  • Temporary Visa Applications

    • Visitor Visas

    • Student Visas

    • Work Visas

  • Family Category Applications

  • Dependent Visas

  • Parent Category Applications

  • Residency Visa Applications

    • Skilled Migrant Category

  • Immigration Protection Tribunal (IPT) Appeals

    • Humanitarian Appeals

    • Residence Class Visa Appeals

  • Section 61 Applications

  • Judicial Reviews

  • Entrepreneur Business Visa Category Applications (Temporary and Permanent)

  • Minister Appeals, Branch Complaints and Immigration Ombudsman


Providing astute legal advice for your commercial or personal property deals.​

  • Property

    • Sale of Property

    • Purchase of Property

    • Transfers of Title (to Trusts or Look Through Companies)

    • Guarantees and General Security Agreements

    • Refinances

  • Business

    • Directors and Shareholder Resolutions

    • Guarantees and General Security Agreements

    • Sale of Business

    • Purchase of Business

    • Leases


Strategizing expert advice in property, finance and business zones.

  • Franchisee Agreements

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Business Agreements

  • Transfers of Lease

  • Sale and Purchase of Commercial Properties


Safeguarding your assets and income today to provide for your family in the future.​

  • Will drafting

  • Will execution/Probate

  • Setting up Trusts

  • Transmission

  • Power of Attorney


Guidance on making major and serious decisions that will affect you and your family.

  • Divorce Matters

  • Separation Agreements

  • S 21 Contracting out Agreements

  • Relationship Property Matters


Delivering sound legal instruction when dealing with workplace disputes.

  • Drafting Employment Agreements

  • Advising on Employment agreements

  • ERA Mediations and Hearings


Advising and representing your needs in various areas of criminal law.

  • Domestic Violence charges

  • Traffic Offences (including limited licences)

  • Minor Criminal Offences

    • Theft

    • Common Assault


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