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Legal Associates’ legal clinic offers free consultation

Legal Associates, the law firm based in Papatoetoe, Auckland is launching a two-hour free legal consultation with the lawyers of the firm commencing Saturday, May 6.

‘Legal Clinic’ is the first of its kind, the free consultation service will be provided to people who have legal concerns and do not know what direction they can take to proceed with their issue.

“Often people have legal matters to deal with but are not sure what to do about it. The ‘Legal Clinic’ will give them an opportunity to see a lawyer free-of-charge and get some directions about what they could do and proceed further with their case,” Ashima Singh, solicitor and partner at Legal Associates said.

The firm will conduct two-hour sessions every Saturday from 10 a.m. till noon. This service is free, and it will give people an opportunity to come in and discuss their legal issues with a lawyer and obtain initial advice on what options they have available to them to have their issues addressed.

People interested in utilising this service will need to book an appointment in advance to be able to attend the clinics. Every individual will get 15 minutes to discuss their matters with the lawyer. The lawyers will then give the directions on what they can do and who they could see next to address their concerns.

This free service is limited to only giving right directions to the attendee and does not make the firm their legal lawyer.

“Seeking advice from our lawyers at Legal Clinic does not make us their attorneys, to act as their lawyer, the attendee needs to engage and get into an official agreement with Legal Associates, Raj Pardeep Singh, Principal Solicitor and founder of Legal Associates said.

Legal Associates specialises in Immigration Law, Property Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, and Wills & Trusts. The firm has a diverse ethnic team of lawyers and administrators that come from different backgrounds such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Samoa, China, Tonga, and Japan.

“The ethnic diversity in our team helps us to connect with our clients and gain a better understanding of their issues. Thus, we can provide the best legal advice,” Mrs Singh said.

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