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Success Stories: By Haseeb

Dealing with a Work Visa concern on financial sustainability

One of our clients applied for a Work Visa through us, to work at a fast growing food establishment in Auckland.

Unfortunately the client did not disclose that a previous visa had been declined.

INZ raised serious concerns based on this as well as the financial sustainability of the company.

One of our solicitors provided a strong response and worked together with the accountants of the client’s employer in providing INZ financial data as proof of the company’s financial sustainability.

INZ was satisfied with our response and approved a two year employer assisted work visa for our client.

The employer had trained the employee for over a year in a managerial role and they did not want to lose them. They were relieved that our client could continue working for them.

Student visiting New Zealand on a holiday

Our firm recently dealt with a student who had arrived from India with their partner on a honeymoon. They had left India with the intention of visiting New Zealand on a honeymoon with their newly wed husband.

Upon staying in New Zealand, gradually they decided that they would like to pursue a course of study in New Zealand.

We applied for a student visa for the wife but this proved to be difficult as INZ refused to accept the applicant as a genuine and bona-fide student.

INZ argued that the applicant had the intention to travel to New Zealand and then apply onshore as a student in order to circumvent offshore vetting processes.

This, coupled with the fact that our client did not have funds in their own name (but in Father in Law’s back in India) made the case officer quite unwilling.

Prolonged efforts by one of our solicitors and a strong response to INZ’s concerns ensured that we were able to convince the immigration officer that our client was a genuine applicant.

Our client’s Student Visa was approved and she started her course of study earlier this month.

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