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Avondale Christian Centre (ACC) cultural evening, supported by Legal Associates.

Avondale Christian Centre (ACC) is a multi-cultural church in West Auckland where its motto is “A heart for all people and Church for all Nation”. Every year, ACC hosts Cultural Evening to celebrate the uniqueness of cultural diversity within New Zealand.

This event gathers around 200 people from different churches and communities to be part of to showcase distinctiveness of their own cultures through traditional/contemporary dances, songs and so forth. Since we are all different in our cultures and values, the way we think and perceive each other, ACC believes that creating fellowship and building good friendship based on biblical values are very important in everyday life.

ACC convey sincere gratitude to Legal Associates for supporting 2018 Cultural Evening on 22 September. It was a successful event which joined around 200 people from different cultural background, full of fun, entertainment and fellowship. There was plenty of food provided for free and it was great experience to know that everyone enjoys this even.

Thank you, Legal Associates, for your great support!


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