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Employing Immigrants to fill vacancies will become harder

The Minister of Immigration has suggested that all New Zealand companies that employ temporary migrant workers will require an employer accreditation. This is up for proposal and all submissions should be submitted by 18th of March 2019.

You can participate by completing online survey form by clicking here

This proposed change would create another complication to employ temporary migrant workers. Employer will need to become accredited in order for temporary migrant workers’ visa to be approved. If employer has not been accredited, they cannot support visa application.

Smaller companies will have problem to get employer accreditation and to pay extra cost to get accreditation certificate. Meddling with a system that has been working smoothly for the sake of few unscrupulous employers isn`t desirable, would drastically affect to small companies. This will disturb all industries and will create a severe shortage of staff especially in construction and other labour sectors.

The proposals primarily impact all skilled and lower-skilled temporary migrant workers and employers of these workers across the six employer-assisted temporary work visa categories:

• Essential Skills including the Essential Skills in Demand Lists (ESID) • Approval In-Principle • Talent (Accredited Employer) • Work to Residence – Long-term Skill Shortage List Occupation • Silver Fern (Practical Experience) • Silver Fern (Job Search)

Recently, Immigration New Zealand closed a few offshore branches and all work visa applications, that used to take 3 weeks, is now taking approx.3 months. It is desirable for the employer, if you need staffs in near future (within 3 months), you need to process now, otherwise you will need an employer accreditation.

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