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Essential Skills Category is one of the most important categories for obtaining work visas to stay and work legally in New Zealand. The salient feature of this category is that the applicant is granted visa only if there are no New Zealand Citizens or Residents available to take on the role. This process is called Labour Market Test.

This category is divided into three classes namely lower-skilled, middle-skilled and high-skilled. The lower skilled category consists of positions which fall under level 4 and below of ANZSCO codes and for which salary is below $21.25 per hour irrespective of the position. The currency of this visa is 1-year.

Next category is middle-skilled which consists of positions which fall in the category of 1-3 in the ANZSCO codes and where the salary is more than $21.25 per hour and the position substantially matches the ANZSCO title. Further the labour market conditions have been met. The currency of visa in this category is 3-years.

The last category is high-skilled where the remuneration levels are above $37.50 per hour. In this category, ANZSCO code or position does not matter. If the employer is ready to pay you the required remuneration, INZ will grant you a visa. This currency of this visa is for 5-years if labour market test conditions are met.

We at legal Associates specialise in these visas and help you to file applications that are “ready for decision”, meaning that we don’t leave any discrepancies and guide you through the process so that the employers are well informed of the process and do the needful.

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