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The 15th of March was a day which will never be forgotten in New Zealand history. With over 50 dead the small Muslim community of Christchurch was left reeling.

I travelled to Christchurch within the first week of the attack and saw firsthand the magnanimous tragedy which had unfolded. I was very pleased to see that the residents of Christchurch from all different ethnicities and backgrounds had united to provide comfort to the grieving families of the injured and deceased. During the aftermath of the incident our law firm Legal Associates was contacted by the Auckland District Law Society to provide pro-bono, voluntary legal services through our immigration team to the families of those affected, particularly in terms of submitting visitor visa applications of those wanting to visit New Zealand. I was involved in assisting a widow who had lost her husband in the terrorist attack and we were successfully able to acquire visitor visas for her family so that they could visit New Zealand to provide the moral and emotional support that their daughter requires. We are continuing to receive queries from those who have been affected to assist them in their immigration matters. As a Muslim New Zealand lawyer I am committed and feel that it is my duty to provide the required support to the victims and their families through my own area of expertise – immigration. Legal Associates is committed to working together with all ethnic communities in the servicing of their legal needs and stands strong with the Muslim community at this particular hour of need.


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