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Immigration NZ Possible Upcoming Changes

There is currently a lot of anticipation regarding Parent policy and work visa changes. Legal Associates has had the opportunity to speak with Government Ministers and Senior Immigration authorities and are able to provide an update on both the parent policy and work visa changes.

Parent policy The parent policy has been put on hold since October 2016 and it’s been nearly 3 years since the parent policy residence applications have been put on hold.

Understandably lot of migrant families are eagerly waiting for the parent’s policy to open and for parents to get PR in NZ.

Last year it was indicated by the ruling party that the Parent policy would be open again in July 2019. However, Immigration Minister is looking at changes in 2020, if at all.

Legal Associates has spoken to the Government Ministers and it has been indicated that the Parent policy is awaiting cabinet Approval to be reopened in 2020, considering a possibility that the hold up is due to NZ First party consent to the changes.

Watch the space!

Work Visa changes The work visa changes which were anticipated in June 2019 have now been delayed. Legal Associates has spoken to Senior Immigration authorities who have indicated that the changes are with the Immigration Minister for approval.

It is likely that the work visa changes may come soon. The government hopes that these changes would bring positive outcomes for NZ employment market and ultimately NZ economy.

These changes are also expected to increase economic growth and bring enhanced employment opportunities. This would make sustainable employment a reality in New Zealand.

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