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Subdividing Your Land

With a shortage of housing and high land prices everywhere, subdivision continues to be an excellent investment, particularly if your property has been up-zoned.

Whether you are looking to subdivide your back yard or looking to purchase an investment property to split into ten lots: the process for subdivision is same.

Subdividing your property is the process dividing your land and creating individual titles for land parcels, units, apartments, shops and commercial and industrial buildings and establishing of separate legal titles for each of the new sections, to enable them to be sold or split into separate ownership. There are various reasons why you might want to subdivide your property. It may be that your section is too big for your needs, or that your section may have been re-zoned so that you are now permitted to subdivide, in a manner that was prohibited before.

For subdivision/ land development projects, the following consents are usually required:

  • Land use consent

  • Subdivision consent

  • Building consent

You should consider whether you intend to:

  • Subdivide the land (only) to sell

  • Build a new house on the subdivided land to sell

  • Build an additional house on the subdivided land for family use, or as an investment

  • Subdivide a piece of land where houses already exist, or a land use consent has been granted enabling new houses to be built

Subdivision consent: A subdivision consent allows you to create new (adjoining) titles on a piece of land. All subdivisions require consent from Council to ensure that the land is suitable for the proposed development and is capable of being fully serviced and to address any land stability or flooding issues. A subdivision allows you to be able to sell part of your land provided you meet the relevant standards.

Certification and issue of title: The council will check that all the consent conditions have been met and the surveyor has lodged the final plan with LINZ who approve it and then issue the new title or titles. Make sure you understand what you want to accomplish and why you want to subdivide, and we can help you for it.

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