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Immigration forum ended with a high note!

The immigration forum held by Legal Associates on the 23rd November 2019 at the Diversity Centre in Papatoetoe was an absolute success. This forum was organized with the aim of providing knowledge to the migrants in New Zealand about the recent changes in the immigration Policies, how these changes affect the current visa holders and the solutions that Legal Associates could provide.

The free registration for the forum was passed along on several social media platforms, for a month-long period, which attracted media personnel and many individuals from different migrant communities.

The forum mainly focused on three visa categories; work visas, partnership visas and parents’ resident visas. Raj Singh, Principal of Legal Associates discussed all the changes occurred in these visa categories and provided a clear idea as to how Legal Associates can assist in getting their immigration matters resolved without any hindrance.

Changes/ main points discussed under the Work Visa Category

  • Replacing 6 temporary work visas with a new temporary work visa.

  • Improving the process that employers use to recruit migrant workers for temporary work.

  • Developing a new employer-led visa application process.

  • Using the level of pay to categorize a job in place of the existing skill bands — existing skill bands rely on a combination of level of pay and categorizing the job under the ANZSCO.

  • Introducing sector agreements to facilitate access to migrants for targeted sectors.

  • Reinstate the right for low-paid workers to bring their families to New Zealand on visitor visas.

  • Jobs paid at higher than the median <$25.00 will be deemed to be high skilled work regardless of the industry.

Changes/ main points discussed under Partnership visa Category

  • Changes discussed under VISA PAK ISSUE 400 -10 May 2019 which clarifies all previous advice relating to assessing temporary applications where the applicants are in a relationship but cannot meet the requirements under partnership/partner.

  • The elements required to determine that the partnership is genuine and stable: credibility, living together, genuine relationship and stable relationship.

Changes/ main points discussed under Parents’ Resident visa Category

  • Limiting the number of people who can get the visa each year to 1000.

  • Changing the financial requirements that sponsors and applicants need to meet and evidence of their annual income through inland revenue tax statements.

  • Changing the 2-tier system to a single system.

  • Removing options of showcasing funds through parent’s guaranteed lifetime income or settlement funds.

The presentation was concluded by Raj by announcing about the petition “Change in New Zealand Government Policy towards Migrants' Parents”, to which the participants were given a chance to sign the petition and join hands together to request a review on the recently declared changes in the Parent Category Visa rules:

The forum successfully ended with giving the attendees an opportunity to have a one-on-one session with the staff solicitors and immigration advisers to discuss their immigration matters. These prospects were made available by Legal Associates with the sole intention of raising awareness among the migrant communities. Giving back to the community has always been an important part of the work done by our team.

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