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NZ Sikh Games was a much-anticipated event that took place on the November 30th and December 1st, 2019 at the Pullman Park, Takanini, Auckland. The event provided a platform for young Sikh girls and boys to showcase their talents either in cultural activities or in sports.

The New Zealand Sikh Games were a celebration of sport and Sikh culture in New Zealand held over two days promoting sport, culture and community values. The Games commemorated over 125 years of Sikh presence in New Zealand. This event was organised for the first time in New Zealand to increase awareness of Sikh culture and to pass Sikh family values down to the next generation of Sikh New Zealanders. The event provided a platform for young Sikh girls and boys to showcase their talents either in cultural activities or in sports.

Legal Associates supported the Sikh Games organising committee by processing the visa applications for all the participants who took part in the Sikh Games 2019. All the visa applications for these athletes, performers and media personnel were lodged within a short span of 2 weeks. Getting a significant number of visas approved in a short period of time, without any objection can be a challenging task.

However, the teamwork and the perseverance of Raj Singh (Principal), Ranbir Singh (Staff Solicitor) and Chethani Serasundera (Legal Secretary) made this possible. Around the same time of filing the applications, INZ was facing a severe shortage of staff and extreme backlog of applications. It was a daunting and a challenging task to file and get the applications approved within the stipulated period. Given the short time period, every possible effort to expedite the processing of applications was made by our team to make the inaugural NZ Sikh Games a success.

Our team applied visas for over 50 applicants which comprised of Work Visa for Specific Purpose/ event, Visitor visas and limited visas. All the applications that we filed were approved. Securing a 100% visa approval was a great accomplishment for Legal Associates. Legal Associates as a team hold zeal for solutions and is capable of transcending cultural and language barriers to provide quality legal services to all greater communities, employers and organisations.

The journey so far has been rewarding and Legal Associates thanks their clients, business partners and wider community for their success!

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