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The Immigration Protection Tribunal: Introduction

When an applicant applies for a visa to Immigration New Zealand (INZ), there are two (2) things that may happen on such application: approval or decline of the application.

In case of declined of visa application one of the available remedies of the applicant is to appeal the declined decision to the Tribunal known as the “Immigration Protection Tribunal”.

If you are convinced that the INZ decision is incorrect or wrong and you want to challenge it, then one of the legal option is to challenge it before the IPT.

The Immigration Protection Tribunal is of a statutory creation under section 217 of the Immigration Act 2009. In the very language of section 218 of the Act, “The Tribunal is a specialist body that has the role of deciding appeals and matters by making findings of fact, applying the relevant law, and making a determination”.

It hears and determines appeal concerning:

(i) decisions to decline to grant residence class visas

(ii) decisions in relation to recognition as a refugee or a protected person

(iii) decisions to cease to recognise a person as a refugee or a protected person

(iv) decisions to cancel the recognition of a New Zealand citizen as a refugee or a protected person

(v) liability for deportation

In all of the above five (5) instances what is being appeal is the decision of the Immigration New Zealand.

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