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Notary Services

As Notary Public, Ashima can sign and seal your documents that you are asked to provide for overseas use such as to government agencies, courts, and for commercial contracts.

The process is simple: You visit Legal Associates office with your identification proof, such as original passport and the document that you need to send overseas.


Ashima will then check the document with you for completion. She will then verify your identity and certify your overseas document with her official seal.

Some documents that require to be notarised for overseas use are:

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Affidavits and Declarations

  • Property Documents

  • Commercial Documents

  • Identification Documents

  • Academic Records

  • Translation Documents


Providing astute legal advice for your commercial or personal property deals.​

  • Property​

    • Purchase of Property

    • Transfers of Title (to Trusts or Look Through Companies)

    • Guarantees and General Security Agreements

    • Refinances

  • Sale of Property

  • Business

    • Sale of Business

    • Purchase of Business

    • Leases

    • Guarantees and General Security Agreements

    • Directors and Shareholder Resolutions

  • Trust

    • Creation of trust

    • Transfer of Property to Trust

    • Sale of Business

    • Purchase of Business

  • Sub-Division

    • New Title

    • Creation of easements and covenants

    • Creation of encumbrances



Strategizing expert advice in property, finance and business zones.

  • Franchisee Agreements

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Business Agreements

  • Transfers of Lease

  • Sale and Purchase of Commercial Properties

Wills & Trusts

Safeguarding your assets and income today to provide for your family in the future.​

·    Will drafting

·    Will execution/Probate

·    Setting up Trusts

·    Transmission

·    Power of Attorney​​


Family Matters

Guidance on making major and serious decisions that will affect you and your family.

  • Divorce Matters

  • Separation Agreements

  • S 21 Contracting out Agreements

  • Relationship Property Matters

  • Parenting and Guardianship

  • Separation and Contracting Out Agreements

  • Order Preventing Removal of Child

  • Protection of Personal Property Rights (Property Manager and Welfare Guardian Orders)

  • Domestic Violence

  • Adoption

  • Estate matters

  • Negotiation resolutions


Delivering sound legal instruction when dealing with workplace disputes.

  • Drafting Employment Agreements

  • Advising on Employment agreements

  • ERA Mediations and Hearings

  • Acting for both Employees and Employers on employment dispute

  • Mediation and negotiation

  • Prepare complaints and submissions

  • Appearance in Court and Employment Relations Authority



Advising and representing your needs in various areas of criminal law.

·       Domestic Violence charges

·       Traffic Offences (including limited licences)

·       Minor Criminal Offences

·       Theft

·       Common Assault

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