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  • Chethani Serasundera

Accreditation for Employers opened- Check and Apply Now!

Would like to hire migrants on an AEWV? Then you need to:

1. be accredited, and

2. submit a job check for the relevant roles

Accreditation applications commenced from 23rd May 2022

Basic documents/ evidence required are as follows:

1. Business needs to be viable and genuinely operate

2. Business needs to be in a sound financial position.

Extra requirements for employers wanting to place migrants with controlling third parties

Employers must:

1. have a history of employing staff in New Zealand for the past 12 months

2. have at least 15% of your workforce being placed with controlling third parties as New Zealanders in full-time employment

3. have good systems in place to monitor employment and safety conditions of the workers while they are placed with a controlling third party

Job Check applications will commence from 20th June 2022.

Most jobs must pay at least the median wage (NZD $27.76 an hour from 4 July 2022) for minimum 30 hours and you must have advertised to New Zealanders. However, there are wage exceptions to certain industries/ jobs.

Get in touch with us for all your queries related to this process.


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