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  • Mamta Dave

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

It is widespread for a victim to ignore the signs of domestic violence due to:

  • Lack of courage to stand for themselves.

  • Fighting against their loved ones; or

  • Lack of understanding of what amounts to domestic violence

What is domestic violence?

Generally, when someone from the same family shows any signs either on one occasion, or it is a repetition of their behaviour to:

  • Dominate;

  • Bully;

  • Aggression in talks or actions;

  • Using abusive words when talking; or

  • Physical abuse.

Are considered signs of domestic violence.

Domestic violence can be between those aged 16 or over who have been intimate partners or family members irrespective of gender or sexuality.

What are the effects of domestic violence?

Without knowing the victims’ of domestic violence can face many health problems, including the substantial effect on their general health and wellbeing by causing physical injury, anxiety, depression, impairing social skills and increasing the possibility that they will participate in practices harmful to their health, such as self-harm or substance abuse.

Need help?

If you are not sure whether you are a victim or offender of domestic violence and want to clear your doubts in such a situation, please seek legal help immediately.


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