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How INZ carry out visa processing under current COVID-19 Alert Levels

Visa categories which will be processed online include the following:

• Border Exceptions

• Essential Skills work visas

• Work to Residence visas

• Partnership visas (temporary and residence)

• Post-study work visas

• Student visas

• Visitor visas

• Section 61 requests

Reconsideration applications for temporary entry visas

INZ has introduced an interim reconsideration process for temporary entry decisions of onshore applicants. However, the applications must still be made within 14 days from the date of decision.

Employment Visa Escalations process

During this period INZ will examine any requests submitted for Employment Visa Escalation for any online applications. Paper based applications will not be prioritised given the INZ offices are closed.

New Essential Skills Work Visa application form online

The INZ has updated the online work visa application to facilitate the changes that was introduced on 19 July 2021. Therefore, all essential skill work visas can now be submitted online.

Migrant Exploitation Visa

INZ and Employment New Zealand has introduced an online process to enable migrants to submit applications under this category as paper applications cannot be processed under the current alert levels.


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