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Introduction of the labour undersupply and oversupply lists

The undersupply and oversupply lists were introduced to enable the Employers simply find the availability of New Zealanders for jobs. Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has named undersupply and oversupply of labour in sectors and regions.

To assist the employers to locate available New Zealanders for jobs the Skills Match Report process has been restructured.

MSD has formed the lists of occupations and the regions clearly demonstrating the oversupply and/or undersupply of New Zealanders on Job Seeker Support.

An employer who is trying to recruit for an occupation listed under the undersupply list is not required to obtain a Skills Match Report, even if the pay rate offered for that particular job is below the New Zealand median wage.

Few sectors which indicates an oversupply of job seekers includes:

· Retail and hospitality

· Construction

· Administration and call centre workers

· Manufacturing and warehousing

· Transport

From 7 October onwards Immigration New Zealand will consider the under and over supply lists when assessing Essential Skills work visa applications, using the ANZSCO, for the jobs that are paid below the median wage. For applications submitted before 7 October 2020, the Skills Match Report submitted will be considered as part of the assessment of the application.

Employers will still need to advertise their vacancies and demonstrate they have made genuine attempts to attract and recruit suitable New Zealanders.

However, it should be noted that these lists are a temporary measure and will be reviewed in early 2021. Further, these lists will be reviewed every 3 months, or sooner to keep up with the ever changing labour market.


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