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Border exceptions for students planning to commence PhD and postgraduate programmes

The government is planning to allow up to 250 international students to enter into New Zealand to continue their PhD and postgraduate studies!

To add on to this good news this exception does include partners and dependents of student visa holders, provided the visa requirements are met. However, all the travellers are required to pay Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) charges.

Eligible students will come within the following criteria:

  • hold or have held a student visa to study in 2020;

  • have been unable to enter New Zealand due to COVID-19;

  • enrolled in a qualification that involves practical components and must be in the country to progress or complete their study.

To be eligible under this exception, the students are required to contact their education providers to confirm the process. The education providers are responsible in detecting the eligible students, prioritising and nominating the students to the Ministry of Education.

Stay tuned for more details as to how the nominated students can request to travel to New Zealand!


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