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'PPI' As Part Of The Principles Of Fairness and Natural Justice

The Potentially Prejudicial Information is usually contained in the so-called “PPI Letter”. It is the kind of letter that an Immigration Officer may issue in any kind of visa application whether it is visitor, student, work or residence visa.

The “Potentially Prejudicially Information” is among the factors under Immigration Policy or Immigration Instruction A1.5 Fairness to consider whether or not the decision in any given visa application is fair or not.

A1.5 says among other things, “Whether the applicant is informed of information that might harm their case (often referred to as potentially prejudicial information).”

The PPI Letter usually have this standard line or paragraphs:

You may provide further information by (usually stated the due date or deadline)

We have not made a decision on your application at this stage. This letter gives you the opportunity to make any comments and submit additional evidence or information in relation to these issues.

Any comments or further information must be sent to this office by (usually states the due date or deadline)

All supporting documents must be original or certified copies of originals and , if not in English, must be translated into English by a recognised and independent translation service.

What happens if you do not send any comments or additional information?

If you do not send any comments or information by the date requested above we will make a decision on your application based on the information you have already given us. We are unlikely to approve your application based on this information.”

One must carefully study and analyse the various issue or issues raised in any PPI Letter by the Immigration Officer so that it could be intelligently responded to. Ideally, the response to the PPI Letter by the applicant must be exhaustive and must discuss and thoroughly explain the issues.

Such an explanation or argument must be supported or substantiated by evidence.

It is always wise to make a response to any PPI Letter since if the same is not responded to, the Immigration Officer will most likely decide the visa application on the basis of the existing or available information but the danger lies in the phrase “We are unlikely to approve your application based on this information”.

Therefore, so as to protect the rights and interest of the applicant or client it is a must that any PPI Letter must be responded to.


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