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  • Geetha Arunthayaparan

Updating Flat Plan on the defective title

If the buildings on-site do not match your flat plan, then your title is probably defective. We can undertake a check on this for you. If this is the case, we can help to rectify the flat plan.

It is important to note that the building consent authorising the construction of the additions or new building does not automatically update the flat of the title, so rectifying a defective title requires a full subdivision process through Council and LINZ. It is not a simple process, and it can take several months to go through the required Council, survey & legal processes.

Step 1

• Lawyer investigates titles and existing leases.

• Site measure up

• Preparation of scheme plan

• Scheme plan to client for approval

Step 2

• Preparation of council application

• Council application submitted

• Council consent approved and sent to client

• Pre calculations in office

• Prepare E survey dataset

Step 3

• Plan proceeds through internal QA process

• Requests 223 Certificate once all required easements are confirmed

Step 4

• Lodge plan with LINZ (Land Information New Zealand)

• Request 224 Certificate

Step 5

• Lawyer seeks consent from your mortgagee for the change.

• You & your neighbours sign new paperwork with lawyer

• Lawyer requests new titles & New titles issued


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